INSTITUTION: University of Belgrade – Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering

TITLE: Full Professor

FIELDS OF SCIENTIFIC AND PROFESSIONAL INTEREST: decision support models, methods and tools in transport and communications, sustainable mobility, digital Economy and society.


I finished elementary school and high school in Bajina Bašta. According to the five-year curriculum, I graduated from the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, in 2003, as the best-in-class student. I have participated in numerous research camps. I am passionate about science and a bit of a geek, but always enthusiastic and open to collaboration and new ideas. With extensive experience in multidisciplinary teamwork, I advocate inclusion and environmental protection. I have a PhD in technical sciences but with the attitude that the power of innovation erases the boundaries of scientific fields. I am an initiator and coordinator of numerous initiatives and events promoting the multidisciplinary nature of transport science and profession, as well as education in the field of transport and communications (Girls Day, Car-Free Day, Smart cities, SEE Mobility, Quality as a concept, and others). I was awarded for exceptional engagement and commitment within the profession.


I have worked at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering (Department of Organization, Management and Economics in Traffic and Transport) since 2004. I started as a teaching and research assistant intern and was promoted to full Professor in 2021 in the scientific field of Economics and Marketing in Traffic and Transport. Within the same scientific area, I obtained a Magister degree (2007) and defended my PhD thesis (2011) on the topic “Modeling telecommunications policy through the benchmarking process”. I teach courses at all study levels at the Faculty (BSc, MSc, and PhD). Also, I am a visiting professor at the Multidisciplinary MSc Studies at the University of Belgrade and the University of Niš – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. On several occasions, I was an invited lecturer and speaker on applying new approaches in the decision-making process, especially in cross-sectoral policies (SASA, ITU). I am the editor and manager of the Publishing Center of the Faculty, a member of the academic board of the regional CIVINET network, and an expert committee of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia in the field of sustainable urban mobility. I was a member of the Ethics Committee, the committee for MSc academic studies, and the ERASMUS coordinator at the Faculty.

I have participated in implementing 16 national and international projects, among which, in addition to the PANACEA project, two active international projects: the ERASMUS+ BluePrint program (STAFFER project) and the Adrion-Interreg program (BlueAir). Furthermore, as an expert, I collaborated with numerous national (SIPRU, SKGO, CPN, RZS and others) and international organizations (UNDP, SEETO, RCC, REC, ITU, UnWomen and others). In addition, I am the co-author of two university textbooks, two scientific monographs and over ninety papers, including papers in top international journals (Omega, Decision Support Systems, Government Information Quarterly, Ecological Indicators, Applied Mathematical Modeling and others).


The PANACEA project is an excellent opportunity for expanding scientific research perspectives through interdisciplinary cooperation and connecting science and business. Above all, PANACEA is an ideal basis for new research experiences and friendships among researchers at the University of Belgrade. By combining different perspectives, we help each other open new viewpoints on the platforms of the Economy, which is the best guarantee of the excellence of the research Center we are building.