The PANACEA project is implemented within the consortium of three faculties of the University of Belgrade: Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering and Faculty of Economic and Business, with the support of the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia.


The PANACEA project team comprises renowned researchers interested in interdisciplinary topics and strengthening cooperation at the University of Belgrade, ready for teamwork and with a high level of commitment. Knowledge of modern research techniques, working with advanced tools and software, orientation towards innovation, research curiosity, and openness to collaboration are characteristics of the colourful but very compact PANACEA team. In addition, the team members share fundamental values and traits, such as diligence, responsibility, research spirit, achievement orientation, innovation, dedication, academic integrity, belonging to the team, optimism, and a cheerful heart.

Faculty of Organizational Sciences

Veljko Jeremić
Aleksandar Marković
Nataša Petrović
Marina Ignjatović
Milica Maričić
Nikola Zornić
Dejana Nikolić

Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering

Nataša Bojković
Marijana Petrović
Tanja Živojinović
Stefan Zdravković

Faculty of Economics and Business

Saša Veljković
Vukašin Kuč
Zorica Aničić
Milutin Živanović
Jovana Janjić
Maja Ribić

Technical Support

Danilo Veličkov