INSTITUTION: University of Belgrade – Faculty of Organizational Sciences

TITLE: Associate Professor

AREAS OF PROFESSIONAL AND SCIENTIFIC INTEREST: Models of Statistical Learning, Composite Indicators, Time Series Analysis


I have taught statistics since 2008 as a teaching assistant and since 2015 as a professor. During that time, I introduced generations of students to a more difficult part of statistics, which included complicated formulas, calculations, and modelling. But, I also introduced them to the more compelling aspect of statistics, when interesting and curious conclusions and findings are drawn from the statistical analyses. I am dedicated to working with students through teaching and supervision of final and master theses. I am also dedicated to scientific research. Recently, I have also been accomplished as a mother.


I completed my undergraduate and MSc academic studies at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Organizational Sciences, where I also completed my doctoral dissertation in the field of Operational Research and Computer Statistics. I currently teach Statistics Department courses at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences as an associate professor. I have published more than 80 international and national scientific papers in journals, proceedings, and monographs, where more than 20 papers are indexed in the Web of Science database. In addition, I have participated in several national and international projects. My research focus is in the area of Composite Indicators, Econometric Modeling, and Data Science, and my research interests include Statistical Inference, Data Analysis, Data Mining, and Time Series. I am a member of the International Statistical Institute (ISI).


As part of the PANACEA team, I have the opportunity to research a significant field with enormous potential in Serbia that has not yet been sufficiently explored and processed. The exceptional and dedicated PANACEA team will provide attention and interest to Sharing Economy in Serbia, which would match its prominence in Europe and the World. Working in such a team enables me to improve personally and professionally through contacts, cooperation, and friendships that this Project will undoubtedly bring along.