INSTITUTION: University of Belgrade – Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering

TITLE: Full Professor

AREAS OF PROFESSIONAL AND RESEARCH INTEREST: Models of Statistical Learning, Composite Indicators, Time Series Analysis


In addition to my academic career, I was a junior world chess champion, a silver medalist at the European Chess Championship, and a long-time member of our country’s Olympic team. I like teamwork, have a positive attitude towards complex tasks and challenges, and am mainly motivated by research with direct practical applicability.


I am the author of two textbooks, one monograph, and over ninety scientific papers, eleven of which are in top and prominent international journals. I participated in the realization of seven domestic and two international projects. I am one of the three founders of the Scientific Society for the Development and Affirmation of New Technologies. Since 2016, I have been a member of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering Council (since 2019, in the second term). I teach at the Faculty of Transportation at all levels of study and in multidisciplinary MSc studies at the University of Belgrade in the Computer Science in Social Sciences study program. In March 2021, I was elected a full professor in the scientific field “Economics and Marketing in Traffic and Transport”.


I perceive this Project as an opportunity to realize the idea of promoting the Sharing Economy in Serbia by establishing a Center for its development, which would enable the connection and networking of all interested parties to strengthen the potential of this business model. I believe that our team, which is compact, competent, and excellently organized, will succeed in providing a long-term perspective of the development of the Sharing Economy through the work of the Center in such a way that it is in the public interest, which is our vision.

Through working on the Project, I have the opportunity to contribute with my knowledge and experience, primarily in sharing economy business models in the transport domain and acquire new knowledge that I need in further scientific and research work in this area.