Teodora Rajković, Milica Maričić, Dejana Nikolić, Danica Lečić-Cvetković


The sharing economy presents a modern and more sustainable way of sharing resources, products and services between individuals, enabling the reduction of waste and sustainable consumption. To this day, sharing platforms in different industries, such as tourism, transport, finance and education, have been developed. This paper focuses on the sharing platforms in the fashion industry and the acceptance of their usage. To answer the raised question quantitative study was conducted among the young population (Gen Z) in the Republic of Serbia. The main objective of the paper is to show the level of awareness and willingness of Serbian Gen Z to use a platform for clothes, shoes and accessories sharing. To assess their acceptance of sharing platforms in the fashion industry we used the UTAUT model.

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Rajković, T., Maričić, M., Nikolić, D., & Lečić-Cvetković, D. (2024, May 10-11). Preferences of Gen Z Towards Using Sharing Economy Platforms in the Fashion Industry: Evidence from Serbia. In M. Maričić, V. Jeremić & N. Zornić. (Eds.), Proceedings of the first International conference on sharing economy and contemporary business models: Theory and practice, IC-SHARE 2024, Belgrade, Serbia, (pp. 21-25). https://doi.org/10.62863/KEBD4021