Mina Nikolić


This research explores the influence of socio-demographic factors and the frequency of sharing economy service usage on trust in reviews within sharing economy platforms in Serbia. Conducted through an online survey, the study unveils distinct gender variations in trust, indicating lower trust levels reported by men. Additionally, it identifies age-related patterns, showcasing higher trust among younger individuals and students, with a decline as age increases. Notably, a positive relationship was found between the frequency of using sharing economy services and trust in reviews. Conversely, individuals who have never engaged with these services exhibit significantly lower trust levels, underscoring the pivotal role of initial interactions. This paper can serve as a guide for shaping trust in sharing economy service reviews in Serbia, providing valuable insights for platform operators and policymakers navigating the dynamic landscape of the sharing economy.

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Nikolić, M. (2024, May 10-11). Trust Dynamics: Shaping Trust in User Reviews Within Serbia’s Sharing Community. In M. Maričić, V. Jeremić & N. Zornić. (Eds.), Proceedings of the first International conference on sharing economy and contemporary business models: Theory and practice, IC-SHARE 2024, Belgrade, Serbia, (pp. 42-46). https://doi.org/10.62863/LFLH3109