Katia Meggiorin


By enabling the transaction of private resources among strangers, the sharing economy has increased consumer welfare, but it has also created negative externalities for society. This study investigates the tradeoff between negative externalities and platform performance in the short-term rental market. The goal is to identify the economic incentives for sharing economy platforms to self-regulate. Using data from Airbnb and parking fines data, this study finds that heterogeneous complementors contribute differently to this tradeoff, providing an opportunity for platform governance.

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Meggiorin, K. (2024, May 10-11). A trade-off between negative externalities and performance in the sharing economy. In M. Maričić, V. Jeremić & N. Zornić. (Eds.), Proceedings of the first International conference on sharing economy and contemporary business models: Theory and practice, IC-SHARE 2024, Belgrade, Serbia, (pp. 58-63). https://doi.org/10.62863/NPBK6277.