Kristina Raković, Marijana Petrović, Tanja Živojinović


The sharing economy provides a mechanism for the temporary utilization of underexploited resources, offering advantages to service providers, platforms, and end-users. This study critically examines the impediments and advantages associated with the integration of a sharing economy business model in the automotive industry, specifically concerning the transport of returnable packaging. Employing a methodology that combines literature analysis and expert opinions in the domains of the sharing economy, logistics, and the automotive sector, the research utilizes the Best-Worst Method for data analysis. The acquired results offer preliminary insights into the merits and challenges inherent in transitioning to this novel service model, establishing a foundational framework for subsequent research endeavours within the automotive industry.

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Raković, K., Petrović, M., & Živojinović, T. (2024, May 10-11). Unlocking Opportunities for Logistics Operators: An exploration of the sharing economy in automotive industry. In M. Maričić, V. Jeremić & N. Zornić. (Eds.), Proceedings of the first International conference on sharing economy and contemporary business models: Theory and practice, IC-SHARE 2024, Belgrade, Serbia, (pp. 117-121). https://doi.org/10.62863/VHJW8417.