Danijela Senić, Valentina Mirović, Jelena Mitrović Simić


In the modern world, there is no ordinary day without some kind of sharing, which can be material and immaterial. The topic of the paper is sharing economy in the field of urban mobility. The first part contains an introduction to sharing systems. Then follows sharing of types in urban mobility. This section describes the sharing hierarchy and four existing models in general. In the hierarchy, there are three major groups. First is sharing of a vehicle, then sharing of a passenger ride and the last group is sharing of a delivery ride. The models show the functioning of the systems independent of the type of vehicle. In a more detailed description of the mentioned categories and models, the advantages as well as disadvantages of the same are listed.  Finally, examples of shared systems in the Republic of Serbia are given.

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Senić, D., Mirović, V., & Mitrović Simić, J. (2024, May 10-11). Sharing Systems in Urban Mobility. In M. Maričić, V. Jeremić & N. Zornić. (Eds.), Proceedings of the first International conference on sharing economy and contemporary business models: Theory and practice, IC-SHARE 2024, Belgrade, Serbia, (pp. 75-80). https://doi.org/10.62863/ZDFG4259.